About Corbett Fish House

Dana and Greg opened Corbett Fish House on Oct. 1, 2002. It was an instant success, and no wonder: you just couldn’t find really good fish & chips in Portland. Greg grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where Friday night fish fries are a tradition and a ritual. Since moving to Portland in 1980, he had searched the area, without success, for the kind of fish fry that taverns in the Midwest serve: freshwater fish, thinly breaded (instead of heavily battered).

Dana spent her entire working career in the restaurant business, doing everything from bussing tables, bartending and cooking, eventually making it to upper management of a large chain. So she definitely knew how to run a restaurant. And make great soups.

When the old Nature’s building on SW Corbett opened up, Dana and Greg had their venue. And it was so successful that 3 years later they opened Hawthorne Fish House in Southeast.

So, what makes our fish so good? Well, we simply dip it in brown rice flour and flash fry it.The breading is super thin and light, with perfect fish inside, instead of the thick, greasy batter found on most fried fish. We also use a very high quality rice bran oil (no trans-fats!). And we filter the oil twice a day for an extra clean taste.

We are proud to be the only restaurants on the West Coast serving lake perch and walleye, freshwater fish that perfectly lend themselves to frying. Of course, to please everyone, we also offer halibut, oysters, catfish, calamari, and a variety of non-fried seafood, plus Dana’s great soups and chowders. But when you stop in, you owe it to yourself to try the perch or walleye.

To cater to a rapidly growing segment of the population, the gluten intolerant, all of our menu, including soups, dressings and sauces, is gluten-free.

Our fish houses are fun and casual, and the service is friendly and attentive. The beer comes in chilled, 20 oz. glasses, and we show all Green Bay Packers games!

If you don’t come in soon, you’re cheatin’ yourself.