For more than 10 years Corbett Fish Houses have served fish & chips alongside a variety of high quality seafood dishes, sandwiches and scratch-made soups and chowders. We are proud to be the only restaurants on the West Coast serving lake perch and walleye, freshwater fish that perfectly lend themselves to frying. Of course, to please everyone, we also offer halibut, oysters, catfish, calamari, and a variety of non-fried seafood, plus Dana’s great soups and chowders.

Offering 100% Gluten-Free Menu

Corbett Fish Houses offer 100% Gluten-Free menus (regular lunch/dinner, happy hour & dessert). We simply bread the fish in brown rice flour, not a batter, so our Fish & Chips is Gluten-Free. We guarentee NO chance of any cross-contaminiation.

The combination of clean, high-quality oil and a light dusting of rice flour creates a delicious and healthful serving of fish. This process actually seals and steams the fish. Done correctly, deep frying is a dry cooking technique that produces elegant, greaseless foods with crisp coatings and succulent interiors.

“Corbett Fish House, which has filled Portland with the aroma of delicious fish and chips since 2002, is entirely gluten-free. They fry up cod, walleye and oysters using rice flour.”

–Travel Portland

“This place is the BOMB. Not only is the whole menu gluten free, but the fish is epic, and they also have good beers, an awesome bloody mary, and fried cheese curds that will knock your socks off. I’m a fan. Definite fan. “

Enjoy Your Fish & Chips, It’s Good For You!

largelogo_NoBG-3x3Proudly serving Wisconsin cheese.
Check out the cheese curds!